Plaza Viña de Mar

We've moved the equivalent of several blocks north on Bridgeway to the center of Sausalito's business districtthough most locals would argue that the true heart of town is a thousand or so yards north (by northwest), on Caledonia Street.

 Plaza Viña de Mar was a "viewing park" only from the glory days of Haight-Ashbury, when members of the Woodstock generation began to take liberties with both wardrobe, or lack thereof, and interpersonal activities. It remained a lovely bit of eye candy, sort of like a painting on Sausalito's living room wall, until December 1997, when it was again opened to the public.

Sausalito's downtown park

A turn to the left, and you're looking up
Bridgeway from the edge of the park.

Sausalito's business district

If you could (and did) turn around, walk through the fountain and the park, you'd find yourself next to the Sausalito Yacht Club (not shown) and in front of the ferry terminal. If you gotta commute. . .
The ferry to San
. . . it's a great way to go.
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